What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the ability for you to use hardware and infrastructure on our premises to host or manage your websites online on the world wide web. AWebOnline.com own and manage a data centre and server farm in both the UK and Thailand that we allocate and allow you to use for a set monthly fee.

What is shared web hosting?

Almost all web hosting packages available online is known as shared hosting. The easiest way to describe shared hosting would be to compare a web server to a large skyscraper apartment block with for example 300 private 3 bedroom apartments.

Imagine you are a family of 4 who are living in one of the 300 rooms in an apartment block. You would not have the need to live in the other 299 rooms or require the space in the rooms, run the electric, run water or park 1 car in 300 parking slots. A web server is pretty much the same. It is simply unnecessary for an average site to require such a large server when it might only use 0.1% of the actual resources on that server.

So AWebOnline group all customer sites onto shared servers and we ensure each and every server is runs smoothly by not cramming them but intelligently grouping them.

All our company websites run and function alongside yours on the same shared servers.

Where are you based and can we meet?

We are based in Bang Na, Bangkok and we do not provide face to face meetings. Web hosting takes a matter of minutes to set up and you can contact staff anytime via the contact or support page found on AWebOnline.com.

Can I move hosting to you if I already have a domain name and website?

Yes you can use your existing domain name with AWebOnline Thai web hosting. You simply need to transfer your domain name to AWebOnline with our free domain transfer and point your domain to your web hosting package.

Please contact staff for assistance.

What's the difference between Linux and Windows Hosting?

You should choose Linux web hosting you normally use WordPress or other Web Apps, or you expect to need Advanced Scripting with Ruby or Python. If you are more of an expert with ASP and ASP.NET you should probably choose Windows. All our web hosting packages default to Linux on order however, you can select Windows web hosting anytime.

Should I host my site in Thailand or offshore?

At AWebOnline.com we have web hosting servers in both Bangkok, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

What server should you choose?

If you expect to receive website traffic from international locations outside of Thailand then the UK web servers would be the best for you.

If you are based in Thailand, expect more traffic from Thailand and have a large website with complicated databases such as online stores, WordPress sites with lots of plugins, and will update your website daily of weekly then you might find Thai web servers more beneficial for you.

Linux or windows web hosting?

Always choose Linux web hosting if you want the best web servers. Almost every website online runs on Linux web servers and they are far superior and secure with hundreds more features.

How can I pay for web hosting?

We accept payment by debit cards, credit cards or bank transfers. Credit or Debit card charges will incur an extra 3% charge.